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S N Das Art and Cultural Trust is an, International Fine Art Organization located at Kalyani, in West Bengal, India. The Chairman/Director of S N Das Art and Cultural Trust, Mr. Binod Mallick, is an Indian contemporary artist from Visva Bharati University (Santiniketan) and Our President Mr. Amar Dey Mr. Amar Dey is a Businessman and an Entrepreneur , he helps needy Talented students and Motivates them a lot. Our Chairman Mr. Binod Mallick is extremely passionate towards his duty for the less fortunate children. Our aim is to spread art activities all over the India. The priority of our duty is the upliftment and nurturisment of talents of economically poor children. For this very purpose, we operate two free art schools. We also offer diploma course in various field of visual art. Our main motive is to find talent and provide suitable employment. We even offer scholarship for needy students. We organize online art competitions, seminars on art, online art classes, workshops, webinars, etc. Overall, our motto is to spread good fine art knowledge to everyone and educate more people in this field for their bright future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop skill and build communication through the power of fine art. We have two free-of-cost Fine Art schools. One at Sultangacha, Mogra (WB, India) and another in Rathtala, Kalitala (WB, India). In these schools, students from families of daily labourers, framing class, hawkers, masons, etc. come over to learn and pursue their knack of art. Currently, there are around 50 students in these schools. As mentioned before, our main motive is to find talent and provide suitable employment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to spread the knowledge of art all over India. We envision a country where artists are valued, cared for and appreciated enough. A time when no child would refrain from pursuing their passion of art due to financial difficulties. A collective realization will dawn upon everyone thar art too can provide great career opportunities indeed.

Assam, Rajasthan and West Bengal are the destinations that S N Das Art and Cultural Trust is majorly focusing on for now. The underprivileged learners of these states will get adequate help along with the artists who have joined us or will be joining us on our mission.

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S N Das Art and Cultural Trust is an International Fine Art Organization located at Kalyani, in West Bengal, India. Our mission is to spread art activities all over the India and develop art and cultural knowledge especially in economical backward class areas.

The S.N. Das Art and Cultural Society of Kalyani , was established in 1994. Then, the S.N. Das Art and Cultural Society ,Converted as a Trust. This Trust is connected and registered as a Fine Art Organization in 2015. In 2020, this NGO is registered by NITI Aayog and MSME.

Again ,on 8th Oct 2021 S.N. DAS ART and CULTURAL TRUST, Changed Trust Board and Members and also built Good Fine Art Organization. Recently, S.N.DAS ART and CULTURAL TRUST, got Approval from 80G and 12A (Income Tax Department, Govt of India) and from different states of India and Countries also.

S.N. Das Art and Cultural Trust provides Affiliation to Fine Art School and training academy and also offer Certificate and Diploma courses in various field of visual Art. Our main motive is to find talent and provide employment and give platform for the Fine Art students that they can do well in the upcoming future.

S.N. Das Art and Cultural Trust Affiliation Process/ Rules/ Norms:
  • Please read the following instructions and Procedures carefully before you start filling the form.
  • Following types of Schools are eligible for affiliation with S.N. Das Art and Cultural Trust :-
    • The School should be related to Art and Cultural.
    • School managed directly by Public Sector Undertaking or by reputed societies of Public Sector Undertaking under the financial control of such Public Sector Undertaking or by Societies formed by such Undertaking.
    • Private, unaided school.
  • Affiliation is to be deposited 500/- separately by Demand Draft drawn in favour of Secretary, S.N. Das Art and Cultural Trust, West Bengal.
  • It may be ensured that the school is fulfilling the following essential conditions, otherwise the application is likely to be summarily rejected:-
    • Availability of well qualified staff should hold B.F.A and M.F.As degree from reputed college/university.
    • Non-proprietary character of the Trust or Society running the school (to be shown by way of an affidavit).
  • There is no last date for submission of application; it can be submitted in any month of the year.
  • The format of application should be in Formal Letter format.
  • Schools are required to attach the following documents for applying for Affiliation. (jpg, pdf files only and not more than 1MB in size or hard copy with institutional stamp only.)
    • Land Certificate or rent agreement from concerned authority (as per enclosed proforma).
    • Affidavit of Non-Proprietary Character of Society.
  • Particulars which the Application Should Contain:
    • Name of the college and year of establishment.
    • Number of teaching Faculty in each department (with detailed break up).
    • Total number of students, minimum students should be at least twenty.
    • Photograph of the school and the students.
  • Per month art and programme activity should be conduct and there photograph will be submitted to the S.N. Das Art and Cultural Trust.
The School/Studio may reject the applications for affiliation/permission summarily, on verification, if they do not confirm to the notified guidelines and requirements of affiliation/ permission. Once an application is rejected, it shall not be considered again for the same academic year.
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Name State Year
Chitra Bharati Art College West Bengal 2013
Unknown Art Group Uttarakhand 2015
RN Blue Pottery Training Academy Rajasthan 2020
Chitrabhas Creative Art School West Bengal 2022
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Painting Department

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Printmaking Department

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New Media Art Department

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Sculpture Department

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Art and Craft Department

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Soumitra Das


Binod Mallick


Anushka Ghosh

Senior Editor

Vinayak Bhattacharya

Senior Advisor

Mami Mondal


Owanka Bhattacharjee

HOD of Ceramic Department

Subrata Manna

HOD of Painting Deparment

Payel Naskar

HOD of Sculpture Department

Jayashree Ghosh

HOD of New Media Art Department

Gagan Das

HOD of Printmaking Department

Tripti Sharma

HOD of Printmaking Department

Prachi Sahasrabudhe

HOD of Drawing Department

Smrity Sarkar

HOD of Fashion Design

Jagannadam Dinesh

HOD of Animation Department

Ajit Seal

Senior Advisor

Tapas Ghosh

Faculty of Sculpture

Shromona Das

Senior Advisor for Newspaper

Soubhik Das


Tanushri Pramanik

Art & Craft Teacher

Gunjan Thapar

Art History Faculty

Attri Chetan

Junior Advisor

Snigdha Basak

Hod of Design Department

Lucy Mary

Hod of Fundraising Department

Md Rafiqul Islam

International Artist

Bihan Das


Amar Dey


Dilip Kumar Roy

Vice President

G Jeevan Kumar

Senior Advisor
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